Brendan O Gorman

Brendan O’Gorman discovered his love of acting in 2011, at the age of 40, when he joined the Copenhagen Theatre Circle as a way of meeting other English-speaking people while living in Denmark. He was cast in several roles over 4 years in this community theatre and gained significant experience in doing so. In 2014 he came to Canada on an extended holiday and stayed after meeting his now, wife. He decided to pursue acting as a career in Canada and, after taking part in several indie projects, was cast in a role that would put him on the radar in Canadian film.

Brendan was cast in the role of Jim Donnelly, an Irish immigrant whose family was at the centre of a long-standing conflict, ultimately culminating in a mass murder that has forever taken a place in Canadian History. The premiere of Black Donnellys coincided with Brendan being cast in a lead role in an indie feature called The Woman on The Bench , a project that is soon to be released. While filming an episode of Disasters At Sea , initially aired on Quest TV, he was cast in USA Network’s Falling Water as a recurring character, Rafferty.

This led to Brendan qualifying for full member status with ACTRA. He is very proud of his success so far and is very much looking forward to his next big thing!