Knot Possible

Knot Possible is a cool nerdy creative entrepreneur who loves and involve themselves in the wonderfulness of Cosplay, Crafting, making YouTube vidoes AND other Graphics projects and Pursuits.

As a passionate cosplayer and mega crafter/artist, Knot Possible specialize in props, replications, amigurumi, and graphics design. She is learning sewing and working on lighting techniques and hoping to further her skills everyday. Knot Possible dabbles in just about all things DIY.

AND with Possible's YouTube Channel, it will consist of Cosplay Modelling Teasers, BTS/Documentaries, IRL moments, Conventions/Events montages, Cosplay N Comedy, and lastly How NOT To's. (A series that she is developing).

Needless to say, we're very excited to have her as a guest at our event.

More on KNOT POSSIBLE COSPLAY can be found at: , and on the facebook,