Mz Hyde

Mz Hyde is a cosplayer coming from her home town of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She has been cosplaying for 4 years and has some awards to show for her work, but has been sewing and creating costumes with theatre groups and on her own, for another 6 years before beginning her cosplay journey. Mz Hyde is an Actor, Singer, Furry, and Cosplayer.Her love of art & theatre shows her cosplays, as well as in the characters she chooses to bring to life. Mz Hyde has cosplays under her belt from anime and movies, to video games and TV shows. She has a few new cosplays in the works for 2017, and one of things she loves most about being a cosplayer is seeing the passion and love people put into their work and the reactions she gets from everyone she meets while at conventions and events. She believes cosplay is for everyone and loves to be a support for new cosplayers as they begin their adventures in cosplay. More on Mz Hyde can be found at: