Phil Guerrero

Phil Guerrero is an actor and writer, known for his work in Pelswick (2000), Warp (1999) and The Ladies Man (2000). And with that, if you were a kid in the 90's, then you know PJ Phil!!! Host of YTV's The Zone segments, for a few minutes every day, he was a teacher, and a friend to kids everywhere! He'd cover topics from bullying to the coolest toys, read letters from viewers, and chat with Snit, the freaky bubblegum creature with impeccable teeth. It was an after school experience shared by millions that helped define a generation of Canadian kids growing up in the 90's. Mister Guerrer also did voice work for Eduardo in "Pelswick", for Nelvana Animation, hosting of the comic/video game show "The Anti Gravity Room", which aired on YTV, and hosted the lifestyle television series Feng Shui Life, from 2003-2004. Recently Phil has joined a Goth/Industrial band Razed in Black, as their lead guitar player R.i.B, who have been Touring North America since 2003. With that being said, here is Mister Phil Guerrero's IMBD page and NEEDLESS to say, we're extremely pleased to announce him as a part of this year's Kitchener Comic Con