Ray Slay

Local to Kitchener, Ray Slay comes baring 5 years of cosplay experience in sewing, prop, and armour building. She cosplays anything and everything, breaking past traditional barriers and expressing her love for different characters regardless of age or gender. She cosplays characters such as Bokuto from Haikyuu, Juvia from FairyTail, Espeon from Pokemon, Zen from Mystic Messenger, she has done over 25 cosplays. To her, cosplay is not only about expressing your creativity, but also expressing your love for the character. "If a character captures [her] heart [she] wants to be able to capture their image". She is most well known for her MegaMan.EXE cosplay, a piece of that she created to capture her childhood and the passion she has for both the MegaMan Battle Network games and the MegaMan: NT Warrior Anime. Check out Ray's cosplay page to see pictures of her different cosplays as well as progress pics of the ones she currently has in the works: https://www.facebook.com/RaySlayCosplay/