Hey, HERO. Are you a VIP?

9077798790_3As. the. numbers. keep. GROWING for this years Kitchener Comic Con 2016, we are doing what we can to help – by making our very own VIP yearly membership pass. This membership pass will have multiple privileges attached to it, and for now we have:


A) It will allow individuals to get in a VIP line ups
B) Special Seating
C) Discounts at retail stores within the downtown core and other selective events. 

On top of ALL of  this – for each online membership sold, we will be donating .50¢ towards the ongoing research of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and on the day of the event, for each pass sold, we will be donating $1 to this is truly devastating disease!

More an this can be found at:: http://kitchenercomiccon.com/live/information/membership-event-pass/


… Smile

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

87687687666666_444In regards to a few unsavory individuals we at Kitchener Comic Con are now listing generating a list of photographers that we feel are absolutely fantastic to work with. Our list is compiled by a series of questions, online interviews and/or a body of work that we have taken the time to go through. At this year’s event these individuals will be indicated with a special pass AND placed on our list.
Please note we are not discouraging individuals for taking photos, far from that.  We are asking for photographers to register with the event so the general public can know who you are.

87687687666666_444_1To apply for our convention photographer creditation, please send us an email to press(AT)kitchenercomiccon(DOT)com and we will do what we can to get back to you, in a timely manner.

As we are in the beginning stages with this, please rest assured that we’re doing all we can add to the creativity of the event in a safe way.

With that being said, here’s our current list, and please check this link as we update with names:

> Andrew DROO Chin
> Andreas Schneider
> Amanda Irwin
Elemental Photography and Design / Cosplay for a Cure
> Casey Brown
Cosplay for a Cure/ Skyleaf Creations

We hope that you have a marvelous time at our event.

= The KCC Team.

To be continued.


Kitchener Comic Con Pop Gallery!

G76544443343_4reetings and salutations True Believers!

As we slowly move away out of our Phase 2 component for this year’s event, we’re gonna drag you in just a little bit more, with the announcement that were starting a new initiative called Kitchener Comic Con Pop Gallery!

238763262_3Needless to say we are looking for submissions, and if you would like to have your painting within our gallery please send us a photo of your work and a message to the following: PopGallery@KitchenerComicCon.com

Please note that our submissions will only be 20 paintings, and our deadline will be March 27 2016.



Looking for a ‘BIT’ of help for Dave Sim

dave2Some time ago a friend of the event -AND- Legendary Comic Book Creator; Dave Sim, from Cerebus the Aardvark , got hit with a social justice attack back some time ago. The things that were said were just disgusting and just out right wrong .
So today we are asking for a bit of help…if one could be so humbly incline in asking – there is a simple petition set-up to rectify the core issue with this matter . More is posted at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/davesim

It’s our hope with all of the years of entertaining people – to get a little bit of gravity behind this… We thank you for your time and trouble in this matter

= The KCC Team.


Phase ONE Guest List

KCC_logo_2Good morning True Believers!
As some may know, for some time now we have been wrestling with some internet server problems (Ah, The fun of beginning steps) and a LOT of you have been asking; “Who are guests for this year ?

Well my favorite page-turner, ask no more! We are pleased to announce our First Phase in our #2KCC2016 guest list! That’s RIGHT there are TWO MORE phases in our guest list after this one!

So… Kickback, buckle up, there’s a lot more to come for this year’s event.


…To be continued!



KCCAA2016 = Sold OUT

KCC_logo_2HELLO THERE TRUE  BELIEVERS  We have some News & Updates….

THE GOOD: We’ve had a long “delay” with our web host server, AND it looks like things are back to normal.
so that means updates, online contests and other silly #2KCC2016 things of the like are on it’s way!

THE FOLLOW UP: Please note, that our over night room block is almost at capacity! More at: http://kitchenercomiccon.com/live/over-night-stay-with-a-deal/

THE UNFORTUNATE:  We are announcing that our Artists Alley is officially sold out for our #2KCC2016 event. HOWEVER – we are still taking entries for an AA waiting list, and this will be ministered on a first come first serve basis. To apply for our AAKCC2016 waiting list, please send us an email at :
sales(at)KitchenerComicCon(dot)com AND we’ll do what we can to accommodate.


So with that being said, hopefully you can like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/KitchenerComicCon/?fref=ts) and follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/kitchenercon) and engage with our #2KCC2016 Invitational page on Facebook at: (https://www.facebook.com/events/378532459011470/)

… To be continued


Over night stay…WITH A DEAL!

8769878666876_2Good afternoon True Believers! We hope you’re all doing well on this wonderful and fantastic afternoon!

We have to ask something: Looking for a place to change out of your superhero costume, and good place to stay after the show?
WELL,  just as a heads-up our official Hotel will be the Crowne Plaza in Downtown Kitchener! And with that we have two talking points:

1) Due to another large event taking place with in the region of Waterloo – the Crowne is almost at capacity and room rates start at $170 (roughly) However your friendly neighborhood comic book convention 98790877798yyy_3has you covered, we have a small block of rooms available at $ 140 and down to $125 for the night….AANNDD

2) In addition of purchasing overnight at this years #2KCC2016 event, we are willing to give away TWO VIP passes!

More to book overnight accommodations, can be found at:


Why are we doing this? Because we really want everyone to enjoy this year’s event fun !

Last if you are using the Facebook social media, we hope you can let us know that you’re attending by interacting with our Facebook invite page: https://www.facebook.com/events/378532459011470/

8768768766676We’re generally excited for this year’s event!
We hope to see you all in the FUN

= The KCC Team