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KCC2017 Phase 3 is…. NOW!

KCC_3_2017This is it and welcome to our phase 3 Guest List, and just like in Phase 1
and Two, we are very excited to announce that things are moving positively and coming together for this year’s KCC for this AND talking about having fun, allowed to introduce this years Phase 3 guest list!
We really feel that our oscar-winning listings is could be unprecedented within the Region of Waterloo for all those who are interested in the fun of
fandom !


Behold once again the wonderfulness OF #3KCC2017!!


Who’s up for a pre-party?

KCC_3_2017Who has the need to celebrate Kitchener Comic Con after a full year  of pre-planning for this years event? We most certainly do and that being said – this years event is partnering up with the Wax Nightclub for some much need fun and we hope that you can stop on by and get a sneak peak & pics with some of Kitchener ComicCon’s (KCC) villain’s and heroes alike. 19+ Only. NO COVER for anyone in costume.

DJ Rob Base spinning the best old & new school hits, mixes & club anthems.

More information on this year’s pre-party is posted on Facebook over at:
and that being said – Have a look at our exhibits & our events and info at the following link!

KCC VIP Passes available at

Hope to have fun with you all!
= The KCC team!


Kitchener Comic Con Pop Gallery!

KCC_3_2017Greetings and salutations True Believers!

As we slowly move away out of our Phase 3 component for this year’s event, we’re gonna drag you in just a little bit more, with the announcement that our  Kitchener Comic Con Pop Gallery is back for an other year!

238763262_3Needless to say we are looking for submissions, and if you would like to have your painting within our gallery please send us a photo of your work and a message to the following:

Please note that our submissions will only be 20 paintings, and our deadline will be March 27 2017.



KCC2017 & TCC2017

KCC_3_2017We got to ask… Did some of you travel The distance from Kitchener to Toronto to take part in this year’s Toronto Comic Con ? You DID? We did too … and some of us on the KCC team had a joyful time going up & down that one hundred mile down 401 (what ‘fun’ – lol)

789545269852And getting back into town was an extreme headache (for some of us.) So as a thought, and add some more fun to this year’s event, we would like to award all of you for your time and trouble in going to this years TCC….SOOOooo
we are going to give $5 off of the cost on our 2017 VIP pass, only on the Saturday at this years #3KCC2017 event, and this will be offered to individuals who bought a weekend pass at this year’s Toronto Comic Con! (and this offer may be combined with other Other Offers on purchasing a VIP pass at the door on the Saturday opening day of event, and restrictions May apply!)

LOL_neadAnd with ONE MORE DAY TO GO at this years
Toronto Comic Con, we hope that ALL of you will
have a fantastic time with our neighboring comic con !

= The KCC team.

See you all soon


Kitchener Comic Con: Comic Awards 2017


Alright friends of Kitchener Comic Con, we are starting out first ever Kitchener Comic Con: Comic Awards , and to kick things off,
we would like to ask couple of questions, as as:
345678908uytrt789_2> What is your favorite comic book of 2016/17 ?
> What is your favorite comic book store?
> What is your favorite comic book character?
> Who is your favorite comic book illustrator ?
> What is your favorite comic book publisher ?
> What is your favorite comic book TV show ?

> What is your favorite comic book movie ?

So If you would like to reply back to us, that would be absolutely fantastic and you can do a such by emailing us at events(at)kitchenercomiccon(dot)com or getting engage with their social media over at ;

As we know what this is our first time with this,  we thought it was important to get your information & involvement – AND- if this works out we may continue this into next year’s #4KCC2018


Almost time…

KCC_logoMy goodness where does the time go?

As some of the larger conventions in Southern Ontario have become cookie cutter, soulless, corporate entities that may have lost their appetite for fandom…We at Kitchener Comic Con are far from that! As we enjoy engaging our attendees on a ground level with things and engage with all the fun that entails.

As we are running a free event, we are asking individuals to support the show by buying a VIP pass. Again… as the event may be free(ish), there is still a cumulative cost of rental of event space, insurance, licensing and other nuances of the like and running our event from last year, and our cost have doubled and since we’re engaging with a two-day event our cost has doubled again.

PASSSo the purchasing of a KCC VIP pass helps us eliminate these costs to make this event free for everyone, AND allows us to pay for guest appearances, and have money on hand to engage next year’s event and other fun things of the like.

And with that being said, at this years event we will be adding a VIP lounge, And our lounge will be hosted by the fantastic entertainment group known as ALURA (More on ALURA can be found at  . Overall this will be a place to chill, recharge your cell phone and other things of the like AND we will be adding more cool stuff just for for VIP members, outside and on top of what we’ve ran last year.

To buy a VIP pass, just click to:

We do thank you for your time with us.

= The KCC team.


Overnight accommodations…sold out!!

POOL_HI_2017As the days get longer and the nights get shorter… it’s unfortunate that we have to announce –BUUUT– we are sold out of our hotel block for our TWO day #3KCC2017 event!

In the next little time to come, we may post updates on other hotel rooms that may be available. We do think the individuals who took part .

More on our overnight stay postings is posted at:

Thank you for your time
= The KCC team.