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Almost time…

KCC_logoMy goodness where does the time go?

As some of the larger conventions in Southern Ontario have become cookie cutter, soulless, corporate entities that may have lost their appetite for fandom…We at Kitchener Comic Con are far from that! As we enjoy engaging our attendees on a ground level with things and engage with all the fun that entails.

As we are running a free event, we are asking individuals to support the show by buying a VIP pass. Again… as the event may be free(ish), there is still a cumulative cost of rental of event space, insurance, licensing and other nuances of the like and running our event from last year, and our cost have doubled and since we’re engaging with a two-day event our cost has doubled again.

PASSSo the purchasing of a KCC VIP pass helps us eliminate these costs to make this event free for everyone, AND allows us to pay for guest appearances, and have money on hand to engage next year’s event and other fun things of the like.

And with that being said, at this years event we will be adding a VIP lounge, And our lounge will be hosted by the fantastic entertainment group known as ALURA (More on ALURA can be found at  . Overall this will be a place to chill, recharge your cell phone and other things of the like AND we will be adding more cool stuff just for for VIP members, outside and on top of what we’ve ran last year.

To buy a VIP pass, just click to:

We do thank you for your time with us.

= The KCC team.


Overnight accommodations…sold out!!

POOL_HI_2017As the days get longer and the nights get shorter… it’s unfortunate that we have to announce –BUUUT– we are sold out of our hotel block for our TWO day #3KCC2017 event!

In the next little time to come, we may post updates on other hotel rooms that may be available. We do think the individuals who took part .

More on our overnight stay postings is posted at:

Thank you for your time
= The KCC team.


Cosplay Picnic 5.0

3456ytu87656789_4Once again Kitchener’s Cosplay Group is hosting a picnic pot luck gathering – This is the 5th year for this event, here is what is going on. there is a group of individuals that dress up as their favorite character allowed to be from the anime, comic book or gaming genre – As it’s center core it is a lot of fun with it’s games and it’s creative amazing talents of costume building – however unlike other events of this nature, the initiatives real initiative (outside bring some fun to the downtown core) is a food drive to help those in the region who maybe in need.

This event takes place on May 6th at Victoria Park in Kitchener – and it is a lot of fun for a fantastic cause.

Kitchener’s Cosplay Potluck Picnic 5.0
Date: Saturday, May 6th
Time: 1:00 PM

Victoria Park 80 Schneider Ave., Kitchener ON, N2J 1L2
ADMISSION: non-perishable food
All Ages | Free

This event  will have games, prizes; potluck (bring a dish, snack or drink for all ) and please bring a non-perishable food items for those in need – more information at


Phase ONE Guest List 2017 – – ENGAGE!

KCC_logoGood morning True Believers!
As some may know, for some time now we have been wrestling with some internet server problems (Ah, The fun of beginning steps) and a LOT of you have been asking; “Who are guests for this year ?

Well my favorite page-turner, ask no more! We are pleased to announce our First Phase in our #3KCC2017 guest list! That’s RIGHT there are TWO MORE phases in our guest list after this one!

So… Kickback, buckle up, there’s a lot more to come for this year’s event.


…To be continue