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As some may know… running a free event can be difficult and with your help we hope to do more. In the time to come we HOPE to keep this event FREE for all -BUT- to do that, we need your help.. .please give what you can,  so we can keep doing what we do and we would be most thankful that individuals such as yourself can contribute to cool event/cause.

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As we are looking forward toward the grand horizon and it’s aspects for 2018 and you can help us to make that a reality, by purchasing our :

Comic Book Club
Membership Event Pass !

And as the numbers keep increasing for Kitchener Comic Con 2017, we are show casing our very own VIP yearly membership pass. This membership pass will have multiple privileges attached to it, and for now we have:

A) It will allow individuals to get in a VIP line ups
B) Special Seating
C) Discounts at retail stores within the downtown core and at the event, and with that we have the following:

Lookin’ For Heroes
93 Ontario St S, Kitchener, ON N2G 1X5
(519) 570-0873 
10% off of your regular purchase, cannot be combined with any other offer.

Far Out Flicks
94 Queen St S, Kitchener, ON N2G 1V9
(519) 743-7102 
10% off off of movie rentals, cannot be combined with any other offer.



Kitchener Comic Con - 2015 VIP Membership - Click Image to CloseOn top of ALL of  this – for each online membership sold, we will be donating .50¢ towards the ongoing research of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and on the day of the event, for each pass sold, we will be donating $1 to this is truly devastating disease!

It’s our hope that you all can support this event and become a hero by purchasing your KCC VIP membership  TODAY!

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And if you want to do more, please give by click on following to give what you can, so we can do more! 

We do thank you for your patronage towards our endeavor, If you want to be a hero and be part of our VIP deals for our membership base please send an email at  sales(AT)kitcheneromiccon(DOT)com with the heading: “I want to be a KITCHENER HERO” 

…to be continued