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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and for those who are young of heart… It is with great pleasure that we announce our 2016 guests for this year’s Kitchener Comic Con, and to start with  we have


54678u987899_678789_15Phil Guerrero

Phil Guerrero is an  actor and writer, known for his work in Pelswick (2000), Warp (1999) and The Ladies Man (2000).

And with that, if you were a kid in the 90’s, then you know PJ Phil!!! Host of YTV’s The Zonesegments for a few minutes every day he was a teacher, and a friend to kids everywhere! He’d cover topics from bullying to the coolest toys, read letters from viewers, and chat with Snit, the freaky bubblegum creature with impeccable teeth. It was an after school experience shared by millions that helped define a generation of Canadian kids growing up in the 90’s.

Mister Guerreroha also did voice work for Eduardo in “Pelswick”, for NelvanaAnimation, hosting of the comic/video game show “The Anti Gravity Room”, which aired on YTV, and hosted the lifestyle television series Feng Shui Life, from 2003-2004.

Recently Phil has joined a Goth/Industrial band Razed in Black, as their lead guitar player R.i.B, who have been Touring North America since 2003.

With that being said, here is Mister Phil Guerrero’s  IMBD page and NEEDLESS to say, we’re extremely pleased to announce him as a part of this year’s Kitchener Comic Con 2016!

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54678u987899_678789_15Steve Lehmann

A Waterloo, Ontario native, Steve Lehmann has been making music since the age of four. While visiting relatives as a young child, he imitated the music of the grandfather clock on the piano, which led his great aunt to recommend piano lessons. Steve had his first piano lessons at age 4, guitar lessons at age 6, drum lessons at age 11, and then saxophone lessons in grade 10. Thanks to a dynamic piano teacher, composition was encouraged early on, which ultimately lead him to his degree in music composition from Wilfrid Laurier University.  He is founding director of Renaissance School of the Arts, and he music directs and produces Show Choir Canada’s grand champion choir KW Glee. Over the years, Steve has been involved with many facets of the music business. He is an active performer on both piano and electric bass, and has acted as producer / composer / arranger for many recording projects. Over 25 years of professional experience has put him in front of President Bill Clinton and on stage with the KW Symphony, and Juno-nominated bagpiper Rob Crabtree. Notably, Steve has worked with Olympic gold medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir,, the WWE, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. His portfolio includes work as varied as Emmy and Addy winning commercials, video games, commercials, shorts and feature films, and he currently composes music for NBC’s Cyanide & Happiness Show – online his music has exceeded 1 billion views. Steve lives in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada with his wife Angela, and his three daughters, Madeline, Fiona and Avery, and son, Isaac.


More on Mister Lehmann can be found at his IMDB at :

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54678u987899_678789_15Scott Yaphe

Born and raised in Montreal and now living in Toronto, Scott may be best known for his work as an actor. Having filmed and recorded alongside names that you may recognize : Jenifer love Hewitt, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, Maya Rudolph, Bob Balaban and many others, Scott actually enjoyed a ‘working’ career as an actor and voice over artist. But when he was introduced to the world of 2345tyu897654567_28 energy healing and metaphysics back in 2003 it changed his life forever. His introduction and following experiences with Usui Ryoho Reiki and most recently with Angelic Reiki has not only changed the way Scott saw the world but the direction in which he chose to live his life and serve. Now with his own practice, Scott shares his healing abilities with clients across North America. Scott can be found at And just latly, Scoot is also a huge Toronto Raptors fan

.. 34567ui98768_2 - CopyMore on Mister Scott Yaphe can be found at his IMDB at :


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54678u987899_678789_15Bradie Whetham


Bradie Whetham is a Canadian born actor, musician, emcee, and convention personality. He got his start on broadway at ten years old with Walt Disney’s Toronto rendition of “Beauty and The Beast” performing as “Chip The Teacup“. Throughout his teens he appeared in over 40 international commercial ads – McDonalds, Kellog’s Frosted Flakes, Power Rangers, Gushers, and Zellers. He guest starred on numerous television series and films such as; Wind At My Back, Goosebumps, The Defenders, Mother Russia, The Snow Queen, Eerie Indiana, and Marciano. He is currently pursuing his artistic endeavors as a rapper, convention personality, and hosting pro wrestling events. We are pleased to have Bradie at this year’s Kitchener Comic Con !


Mister Whetham’s  demo can be found at >  You Tube Channel AND more on Bradie’s music can be found at >! ron test

54678u987899_678789_15Andreas Schneider

Mister Schneider of is a photographer that specializes in model and cosplay photography. Andreas bought his first SLR over 25 years ago and is a lifelong comic book collector. Four years ago he decided to blend his passions for photography, movies, cons, and comic books resulting in creation of the Cosplayers Canada blog and magazine. He attended his first local con in 1988. He has attended 17 shows in the past year including SDCC, C2E2, Anime North, and Fan Expo and created a magazine edition of each one. Andreas loves shooting with all cosplayers in all genres regardless of skill level with a focus on images showcasing the detail and hard work in every costume.bout!

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 34567ui98768_3 Delmerio   Morgado

10634322_10152693228843688_1745546480_nDelmerio “Del” Morgado is a Toronto based online radio show producer and founder of DFH Studios. As some may know, Del had started his adventure in Media by producing video homemade movies and other things like that. Over the years, Del has got involved with several other media projects such as live improv skits, getting involved with the cosplay community, and starting his own online radio show that can be only be found Tuesday evenings on From that, Del has been called the next Howard Stern by individuals within the broadcast industry. Needless to say, Del’s future seems to be limitless and we are pleased to have him for this year’s #2KCC2016 event

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RCEHoppe: Here is a well known media personality in the Greater Toronto Area and the Waterloo Region, and in addition to his greatness, RCEHoppe is the host of the Weekly Trending Fandom Show, a Radio/Television Broadcast syndication ( which airs on 100.3 Sound FM.  RCEHoppe knows what’s what in the culture scene, and he is also a seasoned convention veteran with countless conventions of all types under his belt. RCEHoppe is also heavily engaged with numerous community events and groups. ron test


2345tyu897654567_30RICHARD COMELY

2345tyu897654567_28Richard Comely at Richard Comely attributes Captain Canuck’s particular place in comics history to the fact that in 1975, his book was the only full-color self-published book distributed to the mass market. But of course, the character’s status as Canada’s premiere superhero didn’t hurt its legacy either. “Media and public attention have been tremendous for the series since it appeared in 1975,” Comely said. “’Canada Post’ put Captain Canuck on a stamp (1995), he appeared on the cover of ‘Time’ magazine (1997) and a number of other Canadian publications. I think all this demonstrates that Canadians love having their own superhero. After all, superheroes started with Superman and half of the creative team of Superman was Canadian born Joe Shuster.” In 2010, Richard, as well as artists George Freeman and Claude St. Aubin were inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame at the Joe Shuster Awards on the 35th Anniversary of the debut of Captain Canuck. In 2012, details are emerging about the moving forward in production of a Captain Canuck feature film.ron test

Richard Zajac

Richard Zajac is a comic book inker living just outside of Toronto. He has been working in the industry for years working most recently on Batwing and the Huntress mini-series with Marcus To for DC as well as the DC Villians poster for WB. He also has helped Francis Manapul on Adventure Comics and the Flash. His work can be seen in Soulfire Vol.2, G.I. America’s Elite, G.I. Joe: Special Missions, etc. He has written and published his own book; Thoughtless. He also teaches art instruction to kids and teens. He accepts commission requests ranging from pin-ups, specialty drawings and tattoo designs. Richard has long been a part of the Hero Initiative, acting as a Regional Chair, and you can see his painting and penciling work in various Hero publications. .

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Mike Rooth

As a Canadian illustrator Mike Rooth has been a Freelance Art Mercenary since the late 20th Century. As well as creating a score of pinups for some of his favorite indy comics, Mike has also worked on numerous sketch card sets for both Rittenhouse Archives (Marvel Universe 2011, Marvel’s Greatest Heroes, Marvel Bronze Age 2012) and Cryptozoic Entertainment (CBLDF, DC Comics New 52, Tarzan 100th Anniversary, DC Legend of The Batman, and THE WALKING DEAD Comic Book set). More on Mike can be found .

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Sam Noir

Kitchener Comic Con proudly announces another special guest, the multi-talented – Sam Noir.

A writer, cartoonist and toymaker, Sam’s comic work includes Cerebus: Low Society, Steampunk Originals from Arcana and Monstrosity II published by Alterna Comics. He is the also the co-creator of indie comics titles Holmes Vs. Moriarty, Victorian 4, Munchsters and the web comics series Fan Fiction the Comic Strip and Clanky @ Future Academy. He also edits the humor anthology Heady Mental, and Megozine: the Official Magazine of the Mego Museum. And we are really happy to have Sam for this years #2KCC2016

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Bones McKay2345tyu897654567_27

Bones McKay is the co-founder of McKay & Gray Publications. He currently is the editor of The Running Bunny a LGBT+ fiction e-zine. As well he is the writer of *Pretty Mouth *and *Sovereign: The Most Amazing Comic Ever*. He works alongside his adorable artist friend Ursula Gray. They strive to showcase diversity and foster growth in the creative community.ron test

Alfonso Espinos

Alfonso Espinos is an award winning Canadian comic book creator and illustrator. He is the founder of Studiocomix Press where he is the project’s chief editor, publishing the ongoing series The Night Spike, also art directing, publishing and writing in titles like “All Jack City” “2010″ “The guy with the Crystal Skull” “The six faces of dice” “The Victory” “Perdu Cirque” and “Dark Blood”.

In 2010, he was invited to participate in the creation of the Stan Lee Foundation Logo and organized the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival in conjunction with Idea Exchange where he has taught as a Manga and illustrator instructor for the past six years.

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Vince Thompson

The amazing Vince Thompson, is coming to Kitchener Comic Con 2016! As a bit of background, Mister Thompson, in the early years of 1990s, he ran the legendary Asylum Comics, but that was then, and this is now…

Mister Vince has been drawing for fun his whole life, he has done murals for the school boards, businesses, and private homes.

As long as Vince can remember he has wanted to publish a comic book series such as Vinny & Bud! Vince is a self taught artist, that was lucky enough to befriend a few tattoo artists that taught him a lot about shading, perspective and other illustration tips.

With these added skills he was able to create characters to look the way he wanted them to look and ventured off into the wonderful world of comic book publishing.

Vinny & Bud comics are all hand drawn and written by Mister Thompson, and he hopes you enjoy every single comic book panel within his printed works.

We’re very happy to have Mister Thompson apart of our 2016 class.

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2345tyu897654567_31Vicky Bunny Angel

Vickybunnyangel is a Master level cosplayer hailing from Toronto. With 10 years of cosplay and a lot of awards under her belt, she is actively involved in teaching costuming techniques at numerous conventions. Best known for cosplays of Trinity Blood and League of Legends, her portfolio includes everything from anime, games, literature, pop culture, and original creations. Her work has been featured in countless magazines, books and websites. Her favorite thing about cosplay is traveling to cons to see new places and making new friends. When she’s not making ritual blood sacrifices to the cosplay gods; she’s either leveling up her waifu skills in the kitchen, raging in League of Legends/Heroes of the Storm, or playing tabletop games (Five Tribes and Pandemic are her favorites).


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2345tyu897654567_31Ammie Chan

Ammie is a masters level cosplayer that has been featured in several magazines and cosplay books from around the world. Internationally recognized for her Harley Quinn and Sailor Moon costumes, Ammie strives to teach cosplayers from every walk, her tricks of the trade. Living by the motto “if I can do it, anyone can” Ammie believes cosplay is for everyone and anyone can achieve what they set their mind to.


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2345tyu897654567_31Brian Connor

2345tyu897654567_28Brian Connor is an inventor of sorts – We think he is mostly responsible for the creation of the electronic power suit that is built with Stark Enterprises technology – however Brian’s biggest claim to fame is the creation of Little Iron Girl that is known for accidentally tipping cars over, out running her school buses and just having a cute factor that can warm any super villain’s cold heart (or so we have heard)ron test

Sky Westman

Sky Westman who hails from London, Ontario will be making his first appearance at this year’s KCC. Sky is a costume designer who has created some excellent and authentic replicas with his legendary craftsmanship of various trades. He has also dabbled in prop design, creating many authentic weapons and additions to his costumes. Sky is a master craftsman who likes to put his various talents to use. His creations come from his interest in comic books, science fiction and horror. Truly someone to make a trip to see!

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Hi my name is Brandon, ever since I was a child I loved Spider-Man. So just a little over a year ago I started cosplaying as Spidey. Within the span of last year I had started cosplaying with the Marvelous Girls of KW Cosplay. Being able to go to cons more, I've met many other amazing cosplayers as well, adults and lots of kids. Cosplaying as Spidey has made a huge impact on my life, I even turned my ebike into a spider bike with a helmet, for getting around Guelph. Seeing kids and even adults just light up when seeing me run by makes me happy. Knowing that I can make someone's day just a little better is such an amazing feeling! I started doing birthday parties which has made me even more excited for being Spidey. Every time I put on the suit I'm ready to make at least one persons day better.Guelph 2345tyu897654567_27Spectacular Spiderman

As we all know that Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, well there True Believers the word “fictional” is no longer the case….

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, its with extreme pleasure that we introduce the absolutely amazing, the swingness wall crawler to the Waterloo Region, The one and only Guelph Spectacular Spiderman!  That’s right my friends, Guelph Spectacular Spiderman is coming to town AND to this years #2KCC2016 event, he will be on hand for photographs & autographs at our event space !

ron testWell, HELLO there you little goober! Its look like you found our fourth wall talk. were currently in a MAD DASH to get this year's website up-to-date AND on time! So hopefully we'll swing by this particular graphic as soon as the FINE guys at Kitchener Comic Con can update to phase 2! Lastly... GO SEE MY MOVIE!

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GOT ONE!Daven Brown

Mister Daven Brown is a comic book, anime, sci-fi, fan. Dabbling in writing, art, prop building, film making and for three years he has been training in the Canadian Forces. With more passion than skill, in 2009 Daven made a YouTube fan page named StephsVoice paying respects to his favorite DC character – Stephanie Brown a.k.a. Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl.

Mister Daven Brown skill’s and insight will be on hand has he attends panels and workshops throughout the KCC weekend.

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54678u987899_678789_142345tyu897654567_27S I D

“MacGyver is a verb and I worship at the Temple of Adhesive Velcro.”

In his third decade of involvement in conventions and costuming, it’s easier to type up what SID *hasn’t* contributed to the community. A small example of his accolades include an amazing array of practical and economical creativity with his costumes/props and his support in various levels of  convention administration – notably a retired alumni of the legendary Toronto Red Shirt Team.

Hiding behind the ‘physicality’ of this six and a half foot tall, 265pound gentle giant is a lifetime of charity, wisdom, wit and a surreal level of entertaining experience in various fandoms since the early 90s. He has created amazing outfits to recreate characters from some of his favorite media, including; Snake-Eyes from GIJOE, Colonial Marine from ALIENS (1986) with full body armor/ M41PulseRifle and Jayne Cobb from Firefly. When not building on yet another idea like his forearm smartphone holder or DIY bodycams or rebuilding a NERF toy into a prop or being attacked by a couch on the 401.

More on SID can be found at:

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54678u987899_678789_14Arila Cosplay

Arila is a creative and kind cosplayer based in the GTA area. She started attending conventions in 2009 at Anime North, which lit a spark which grew into a flame, and had her immerse herself into Cosplay ever since. She is best known for her portrayal of Hatsune Miku, though she prides herself on other works such as Zelda from Legend of Zelda, Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and other various well-known female characters. Since 2009, Arila has attended a number of conventions and has been responsible for organizing small fun cosplay events, like Cosplay Picnics, assisting with the cosplay community, and working with Cactus Mafia Wig Company as a sales rep in helping others find the perfect wig for their Cosplay! It’s Arila’s hope to Cosplay as much as she can, to bring a smile on people’s faces, to be friends with everyone and to gather everyone together in the cosplay world ! To date, Arila has been a Guest at numerous conventions and she really looks forward to what we hope will be a bright and a beautiful future in welcoming those new to the cosplay community in supporting and helping people in need. Check out Arila Facebook fan page at:

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Dalek Harper

As Dalek Harper coast through the galaxy in searching for other’s of it’s kind – Dalek Harper is stoping by just to see if others of his species are at this year’s event …homeless, friendless and heartless, Dalek Harper may be in joy to see the little with humans running around ? OR will Dalek Harper turn on the goodness of fandom kind? “WHO” knows. Come on out and say hi to Dalek Harper at this event. Dalek Harper facebook page can be found at : Please Note:  That  Dalek Harper is afraid of flash photography so it may be wise to take your photos in secret ?

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Al Ruddick


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Hello Kicthener Comic Con my name is Candace (aka Candy Cosplay) I’ve been into cosplay and costuming ever since i can remember. It all really stated back when i attended my first convention and didn’t go in costume, as i was unaware that cosplay was a popular hobby. The second convention I attended and every one since I’ve always been in costume! I love being able to just put the world on hold and be somebody you lobe or admire for a day! More on Candy can be found at:

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Linnea Cosplay is a cosplayer based in and around the GTA area. She has been to a series of conventions throughout, her first being FanExpo back in 2010. Priding herself on her representation of VOCALOIDS Megurine Luka, she cosplays other well-known female characters such as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Nami from OnePiece and Black Canary from DC’s universe. Her goal in the cosplay community is to bring as many people together and to have as much fun as possible! After all, that’s what cosplay is about!

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54678u987899_678789_14BatMark and Robin

BatMark and Robin have been cosplaying together for 2 years, while overall BatMark has cosplayed for 4 years and Robin for 3. Based out of Belleville, Ontario, they spend their free time crafting and creating for upcoming conventions. Robin is a Journeyman level costumer in the Masquerade circuit, having previously won Best in Show at Burlington Toy Con and Best in Journeyman at Reversed Polarity. BatMark has mastered working with EVA foam in creating a


rmor based on DBZ and Saint Seiya. Together they form the perfect combination of sewing skills and  arm or/prop crafting. Upcoming costume plans include Jareth and Sarah of the ‘Labyrinth’, Seiya and Athena of ‘Saint Seiya’ and Bombshell Joker and Harley based on Ant Lucia’s Artwork. You can follow them on most forms of social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ●́ Facebook: ●́ Instagram: @Serenity.Leigh & @BatMark_Cosplay ●́ Twitter: @CobhamRobyn (Serenity Leigh)   34567ui98768_2 - Copyron test

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Dr Stevil

Dr Stevil is an entertainer and YouTube personality, inspired by Dr Evil from the Austin Powers movie franchise. The Doctor is best known for his channel, “Chatting With Stevil”, which features interviews with personalities such as Cosplayers, comic book artists, writers, entertainment legends, and professional wrestlers. Dr Stevil puts a unique twist on his videos by adding a comedic element to his interviews along with his passion and excitement on the subject matter. As well as attending various conventions and expos in the southern Ontario region, the Doctor works for several Indy wrestling organizations as a ring announcer and back stage reporter.
Dr Stevil is also an accomplished videographer, photographer and editor whose work is featured on the Captain Canuck Animated Series DVD. The Bonus Features include his video chronicle of the project from start to finish.

More on this can be found at:

“The Doctor looks forward to meeting everyone at the Kitchener Comic Con On April 2nd.”

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This is the Droid that you’re looking for! Boys and Girls of all ages  it is with great honor that we have R2D2 lost cousin  R2-E6! R2-E6  is our children guest of honor for our 2016 event.

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Koi’s are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

Koi varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Some of the major colors are white, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream. The most popular category of koi is the Gosanke, which is made up of the Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, and Showa Sanshoku varieties….but these things simply do not apply towards our next individual. Some say he’s a figment of imagination of drunk university students, as others swear that this individual has swings from the rooftops to battle crime within the streets of Kitchener. Regardless of these things, the Koi has heard the underground rumors that Dr. Stevil will be in town. As a result, the Koi is coming to this year’s event to protect the citizens of Kichener from Dr. Stevil’s  evil deeds .. or so we hope.

MORE on the Koi can be found at: test

So my friends this is not our final list, this is just only #Phase 2 of things! Within the time to come will be releasing MORE guests names to this years #2KCC2016 event!

Please lock us in on your page here OR on  your favourite social media allowed to be Twitter( OR/AND  Facebook ( ) for all of your on line fun

…Most definitely to be continued