… Smile @ #KCC42018

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

87687687666666_444In regards to a few unsavory individuals we at Kitchener Comic Con are now listing generating a list of photographers that we feel are absolutely fantastic to work with. Our list is compiled by a series of questions, online interviews and/or a body of work that we have taken the time to go through. At this year’s event these individuals will be indicated with a special pass AND placed on our list.
Please note we are not discouraging individuals for taking photos, far from that.  We are asking for photographers to register with the event so the general public can know who you are.

87687687666666_444_1To apply for our convention photographer creditation, please send us an email to press(AT)kitchenercomiccon(DOT)com and we will do what we can to get back to you, in a timely manner.

As we are in the beginning stages with this, please rest assured that we’re doing all we can add to the creativity of the event in a safe way.

We hope that you have a marvelous time at our event.

= The KCC Team.