98790877798yyy_3As the numbers keep increasing for Kitchener Comic Con 2018, we are showcasing our very own VIP yearly membership pass. This membership pass will have multiple privileges attached to it, and for now we have:

A) It will allow individuals to get in a VIP line ups
B) Special Seating
C) Discounts at retail stores within the downtown core and at the event, and with that we have the following:

Our online memberships are being sold now and we are donating .50¢ towards the ongoing struggle of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and on the day of the event, each pass we sell  we will be donating $1 to this is truly devastating disease!

It is our hope that you all can support this event and become a hero by purchasing your KCC VIP membership  TODAY!

More at: And if you want to do more, please give by click on following to give what you can, so we can do more!